The Trimble, Tennessee Church Street




Friday, December 15, 2017:

 Rep. King Bashes Bannon: He Looks Like a 'Disheveled Drunk Who Wandered Onto the Political Stage'

John McCain described as increasingly frail, Senate sources say

Dan Johnson, Kentucky lawmaker who killed himself, claimed he raised woman from the dead

Why Retirement Is Such a Delicate Issue for Paul Ryan

Even Republicans are getting fed up with Trump’s unqualified judicial nominees


Monday, December 11, 2017:

Grassley: Ending Estate Tax Recognizes Investors Over Spenders

Voyager 1 fires up thrusters after 37 years

Here's What It Looks Like When You Fry Your Eye In An Eclipse

Trimble holds annual Christmas tree-lighting ceremony

The resurgence of downtown Newbern


Sunday, December 3, 2017:

Local law enforcement hosts church active shooter workshop

TWRA officers work to control invasive fish population after discovery in Kentucky Lake

Blue Bank Resort opens Christmas Winter Wonderland walkway

Downtown facade work under way

Halls light show opens to the public for final year


Monday, November 27, 2017:

Florida church warns at every door 'we are heavily armed'

The Toxic Chemical Industry Is Having a Really Great Year

Out of 42 top economists, only 1 believes the GOP tax bills would help the economy

George HW Bush now the longest living president

Schumer wants DNA test companies investigated over privacy concerns


Saturday, November 18, 2017:

Shepard Smith fact checks Fox News on Clinton, Uranium One deal

Alabama governor plans to vote for Moore even though ‘I have no reason to disbelieve’ accusers

Rev. Jesse Jackson, 76, reveals he has Parkinson’s disease

Trump holds off reversing ban on elephant trophy imports

AC/DC guitarist Malcolm Young dies at 64


Wednesday, November 8, 2017:

Reelfoot Lake Fishing Report for Nov. 3, 2017

Report: Affordable Care Act sign-ups surge as open enrollment begins

First openly transgender state legislator elected in Virginia

Former TV anchor Chris Hurst, whose girlfriend was killed on live TV, wins race for Virginia house

 UT Martin among “America’s 100 best college buys”


Monday, November 6, 2017:

George H.W. Bush calls Trump a 'blowhard' in new book: 'I don't like him'

The Price is Right ‘comes on down’ to Jackson

Voting access is under attack as the countdown to Election Day 2018

Sen. Rand Paul’s Injuries Worse Than Initially Reported After Assault

Trump Starts Morning by Calling for the Prosecution of His Political Opponents


Wednesday, November 1, 2017:

GOP Lawmaker Says Emergency Rooms Should Be Able To Turn People Away

Sen. Corker doubles down on criticism of President Trump

TDOT says truck climbing lane in Benton Co. will make I-40 safer

'I want to quit': Fox News employees say their network's Russia coverage was 'an embarrassment'

Facebook tells Congress that 126 million Americans may have seen Russia-linked ads


Wednesday, October 25, 2017:

Drug Companies Make Eyedrops Too Big — And You Pay for the Waste

EPA cancels climate-change talk to be delivered by agency scientists

Warning: Plumbing pumpkin guts

Bill O'Reilly is 'mad at God' for sexual harassment scandal

Jeff Flake's 9 toughest hits on Trump


Saturday, October 21, 2017:

'Did Mike make you pray?' Trump reportedly mocks Pence's 'religiosity'

Twitter suspends account Tenn. GOP says may be linked to Russia

Maddow connects the dots on how Trump adding Chad to his travel ban may have gotten soldiers killed in Niger

Ex-Presidents Send Trump a Pointed Message

The 15 Best Small Towns in Tennessee

Correction: Veteran, glass artist falsified his military record


Wednesday, October 11, 2017:

Here's why the federal government can't study gun violence

Sen. Yarbro addresses local Democratic Party

Trump threatens to target licenses of 'NBC and the Networks' after nuclear arsenal report

County OKs construction of new County Clerk’s Office

Best way to recognize emotions in others: Listen


Friday, October 6, 2017:

Jared Kushner fined again for late ethics form, Ivanka Trump fined too

Gov. Bill Haslam won’t run for Corker’s Senate seat

Ripley man arrested on voter fraud charges

Top House Democrat Asks FBI to Review Kushner and Ivanka Trump Emails

’60 Minutes,’ ‘Frontline,’ Rachel Maddow Among News and Documentary Emmy Winners


Saturday, October 1, 2017:

RSC chair calls female colleagues 'eye candy' during remarks

Sen. Bob Corker, Tennessee Republican, won't seek re-election next year

Blackburn says she's interested in Corker's seat

Acting DEA chief who criticized Trump plans to quit

Three month temperature outlook from NOAA


Tuesday, September 26, 2017:

The Trumps Say They’re Opening Hotels in Dallas, Nashville and Austin. There’s No Evidence of Them.

Sheriff Clarke curses out reporter who questioned his need for a security detail

Congress should protect evidence gathered by Mueller in Russia probe, experts warn

Church used unemployment scam to boost funds, ex-members say

'I got bit!' I got bit!' Copperhead snake bites woman at LongHorn Steakhouse


Thursday, September 21, 2017:

Charles Payne Accused of Rape in New Lawsuit Against Fox News

Exclusive: Rice told House investigators why she unmasked senior Trump officials

What's in the latest Obamacare repeal bill?

Networks Pass on Sean Spicer for Paid Contributor Role

Trump Is Helping Airlines Get Away With Breaking People’s Wheelchairs


Monday, September 18, 2017:

Trump Election Commissioner Sought to Exclude Democrats and “Mainstream Republicans”

Background Checks for Voting Get Floated at Trump Election Commission Meeting

Nature photographer snaps jaw-dropping photo he wishes 'didn't exist'

Ann Coulter: 'At this point, who DOESN'T want Trump impeached?'

Trump Nominee Cited Dred Scott Slavery Decision as Sound Precedent


Wednesday, September 13, 2017:

Sessions mulling lie detector test for entire NSC staff: report

Porsche Driving Wannabe Country Singer Shot Homeless Man

Exclusive: Russia Used Facebook Events to Organize Anti-Immigrant Rallies on U.S. Soil

Trump Election Panel's Kobach Rebuked for Breitbart Commentary

Disinformation as a service? DaaS not good!


Sunday, September 10, 2017:

46th annual Reelfoot Arts and Crafts festival dates set

Russians Flock to Trump Properties to Give Birth to U.S. Citizens

Eric Bolling is out at Fox News over sex pictures, while Charles Payne returns to Fox Business

Florida Republican calls hurricane aid bill ‘generational theft’

Trump Wanted to Kill This Obama Rule. Then Came the Hurricanes.


Wednesday, September 6, 2017:

‘Impeach Trump’ Billboard Goes Up a Mile From President’s Mar-a-Lago

Carriage horse dies after accident in downtown Memphis

McCain, Whitehouse urge SCOTUS to affirm Wisconsin gerrymandering decision

Irma Has Florida Bracing for Atlantic's Most Powerful Storm Yet

Humboldt police warn businesses about fake cash


Monday, September 4, 2017:

ESPN Analyst Ed Cunningham Resigns Due to Concern over Head Injuries in Football

Walter Becker, Steely Dan's jazz-loving co-founder, dead at 67

DOJ confirms no evidence supporting Trump claim Obama wiretapped him

Dyer County Fair starts Monday

Men and Women Have Reacted Differently to Donald Trump’s Election


Friday, September 1, 2017:

Inside the Raging Court Battle Over John Steinbeck’s Classics ‘The Grapes of Wrath’ and ‘East of Eden’

Trump Can Say Whatever He Likes: He’s Made Rebuilding a Safe Houston Much, Much Harder

Officers handcuffs nurse for refusing blood test on patient

Medicare for all is the only health care proposal that meets Trump's standards

Trump Aide Who Delivered Letter Firing Comey Plans to Quit, Source Says


Wednesday, August 30, 2017:

Construction of Reelfoot visitor center stops due to audit results

Can Congress save the 2020 census?

Reelfoot Lake Fishing Report for August 24, 2017

Sean Spicer finally got to meet the pope

Televangelist Jim Bakker: Christians will start a civil war if Trump is impeached


Thursday, August 24, 2017:

Fake news? Trump supporters circulate photo of Phoenix rally crowds ... but it's not

The New York Times adds an intriguing new layer to Trump’s feud with Mitch McConnell

Michael the Black Man

Apparently Trump thinks American Taxpayers are Mexicans

Nice State you have here; It'd Be a Shame if Anything Happened to it


Thursday, August 17, 2017:

Poll: Republicans' confidence in Russia's Putin on the rise

Fake News: It’s Mostly a Right-Wing Phenomenon

Protesters want answers from Rep. David Kustoff

Tyson Foods to expand in Union City, create 300 jobs

Buildings come down to make way for growth in downtown Milan


Tuesday, August 15, 2017:

West Virginia Governor Jim Justice pulls out cow dung during budget announcement

Fox News Host Eric Bolling Suspended After Lewd Photo Accusation

Trimble marks starting point for 7th annual Vicki Ballard Memorial Ride

Poll: Half of Republicans would back postponing 2020 election if Trump proposed it

Charlottesville suspect accused of beating his disabled mother, threatening her with knife, 911 calls show


Wednesday, August 2, 2017:

When Robert Mueller’s Only Case Was a Child’s Murder

Anthony Scaramucci's wife files for divorce, report says

Congress weighing plan to block Trump from firing Mueller

Trump thinks the 'White House is a real dump,' report says

Behind Fox News' Baseless Seth Rich Story: The Untold Tale


Friday, July 28, 2017:

Demand for Exotic Kit Kats Is So High Nestle's Building a New Plant

So long, Flash: Adobe will kill plug-in by 2020

Bannon Is Said to Call for 44% Tax on Incomes Above $5 Million

Federal Judge Calls Out Trump Voting Deputy for “Pattern” of Misleading Court

Anthony Scaramucci Called Me to Unload About White House Leakers, Reince Priebus, and Steve Bannon


Wednesday, July 26, 2017:

There Are Too Many Different Ways the Heat Can Kill Us. We’re Not Doing Enough to Stop It.

‘Stop lying to the people’ on climate change, Schwarzenegger tells Republicans

Only 3 voted against Russia Sanctions in House; 1 was this Tennessee Rep.

One of the other 2 appears to be Working for Russia also; They'd love us Out of NATO

House to vote on proposals taking aim at CBO


Monday, July 24, 2017:

Trump says he wouldn't have picked Sessions if he knew he'd recuse himself

Manafort was millions in debt to pro-Russia interests before joining Trump campaign: report

Trump lawyers asking about presidential pardon powers: report

Judge Promises Reduced Jail Time If Tennessee Inmates Get Vasectomies

What Trump can do to cripple ObamaCare


Tuesday, July 18, 2017:

Charity bass tournament raises money for local organization

Hamilton Parks Library Summer Reading Program ends with ‘fun in the sun’ festivities

Trump's 'Made in America' week: the president's hypocrisy on display

Trump’s Russian Laundromat

Fox News' Sean Hannity calls colleague Shep Smith 'so anti-Trump'


Monday, July 17, 2017:

Fox News host defends Trump Jr.: I'd meet with the Devil for opposition research

The Kodiak Kickback: the quiet payoff for an Alaska senator in the Senate health bill

Trump campaign paid $50,000 to Trump Jr.'s attorney

Secret Service: Donald Trump Jr. didn't have agency's protection at time of meeting

The Trump Administration Is Gutting Funding to Prevent Teen Pregnancy


Saturday, July 15, 2017:

3 Ways Republicans Have Already Sabotaged Obamacare

GOP operative who sought Clinton's emails committed suicide

Trump Lawyer Marc Kasowitz Threatens Stranger in Emails

First woman to win math equivalent to Nobel Prize dies at 40

Trump campaign shoulders big legal bills as Russia probes rapidly expand


Wednesday, July 12, 2017:

Fisherman reeled in hundreds of pounds of catfish for the World Championship of Catfishing

The World's Oldest-Living Male Twins Just Turned 104

Trump ‘voter fraud’ squad may already be tricking voters into taking themselves off the rolls

Tennessee Dept. of Ag to investigate 69 possible dicamba complaints in West TN

Trimble board OKs sanitation and gas increases, discusses public concerns over grass clippings


Saturday, July 8, 2017:

Office of Government Ethics Director Announces Resignation

Fox Business host Charles Payne suspended amid sexual harassment probe

Jamie Horowitz's sudden dismissal at Fox Sports a sign of painful lessons learned?

Could Alaska's missile defense system stop an attack from North Korea?

K-Mart in Jackson Closing


Wednesday, July 5, 2017:

Science division of White House unstaffed: report

Americans are going deeper into debt to buy cars

No detectable limit to how long people can live

Trimble holds Fourth of July celebration

No, NPR was not trying to start a revolution


Saturday, July 1, 2017:

Global view of US worsens under Trump, Pew says

GOP lawmakers blast Trump's 'Morning Joe' tweets

The House wants to put America's independent election watchdog out of business

Chester Co. man, 103, inducted into Tennessee Senior Olympics Hall of Fame

Trimble Fourth of July event set for Saturday


Tuesday, June 27, 2017:

Why Fox News Is Finally Dropping Its Ridiculous “Fair & Balanced” Slogan

Power Causes Brain Damage

ERMCO acquires power electronics pioneer GridBridge

US Justice Department to help lower city of Jackson’s crime rate

This is what foreign spies see when they read President Trump’s tweets


Thursday, June 15, 2017:

They may be cute, but wildlife experts say leave baby deer alone

Trimble library to host book-signing event with John T. Wayne

Rep. Chuck Fleischmann Not Hurt In Shooting At Baseball Field

The only 2 Senators to vote against new Russia Sanctions Package are Republicans, but this article doesn't mention that because it's from Fox News

If you don't believe me read the last line of this article from CNBC


Thursday, June 8, 2017:

Democratic Challenger to Iowa Lawmaker Abandons Race Due to Death Threats

Trump is Destroying Reagan’s Legacy

Trimble board hears citizen grievances, discusses Full Throttle Car Show

Hamilton Parks Library kicks off Summer Reading Program

Trimble Yard of the Month


Saturday, June 3, 2017:

Local West Tennessean honored as pioneer for women’s suffrage

Top Trump aide: Coal doesn't make 'much sense anymore'


How the 'Sgt. Pepper' cover might have looked today


Friday, May 26, 2017:

Local business donates pet oxygen masks to West Tenn. fire departments

State says drivers will pay more at pump, less at grocery store

Discovery Park opens $500,000 children’s garden and Titan Missile exhibit

House GOP sticking with Montana candidate despite assault

Survey finds US honeybee losses improve from horrible to bad


Friday, May 19, 2017:

Sanderson announces funding for Port of Cates Landing project



Why you should be paying attention to what happened at the Turkish ambassador's house this week

In nod to Comey story, aide shares video of Clinton avoiding hug


Wednesday, May 17, 2017:

Who Said, "What did the President Know, and When did he Know it?"

Kurt’s Cradle: Kurt Vonnegut Was GE’s PR Man Before Becoming A Bestselling Author

Mildred Dresselhaus

What would Kurt Vonnegut think of this GE PR campaign?

Advice for Donald Trump


Monday, May 15, 2017:

In Other Disturbing News, the Census Director Resigned Yesterday

Downtown Dyersburg continues to heal from March storm damage

Clapper: US institutions 'under assault'

Sanderson shepherds ‘In God We Trust’ license-plate option through legislature

Russian money-laundering details remain in the dark as US settles fraud case


Thursday, May 11, 2017:

President Trump fires FBI director James Comey

Days Before Firing, Comey Asked for More Resources for Russia Inquiry

Trimble ‘Yard of the Month’


Secret X-37B military spacecraft lands with sonic boom after 718 days in orbit


Sunday, May 7, 2017:

Mark Green withdraws his nomination for Army secretary

Frazier Industrial Company selects Dyersburg for new facility

Kushner family in Beijing: 'Invest $500,000 and immigrate' to US

Trump has a dangerous disability

That other time President Trump got his Civil War facts all wrong


Thursday, May 4, 2017:

EPA removes climate change data, other scientific information from website

A candidate in Montana's special election has ties to sanctioned Russian companies

Veterans’ Museum in Halls making improvements

Darth Vader is alive, well and working as a hospital tech in Tennessee

Residents sound off on gun silencer bill


Sunday, April 30, 2017:

Trimble police chief terminated for failure to comply with protocol

Russians, in peaceful protest, call for Putin to quit

Follow the Trail of Dead Russians

Hardin Co. officials urge boaters to be cautious at Pickwick Dam

Forcum Lannom Showroom celebrates grand opening


Saturday, April 22, 2017:

DC Mythbusting: The Height Limit!

Trump Administration Hasn't Finished, or Started, Russian Hacking Report It Said Would Be Done by Now

Montana Republicans want fewer people to vote

Jeff Sessions Dismisses Hawaii as ‘an Island in the Pacific’

Private meetings at Trump's Mar-a-Lago raise questions about access

March for Science: Worldwide protests begin to support 'evidence'


Thursday, April 20, 2017:

Trump shatters fundraising record with $107 million for inauguration

Corker, Kustoff take tough questions at Shelby Co. town hall meeting

Fox News drops Bill O'Reilly in wake of harassment allegations

CIA, FBI launch manhunt for leaker who gave top-secret documents to WikiLeaks

Exclusive: Putin-linked think tank drew up plan to sway 2016 U.S. election - documents


Tuesday, April 18, 2017:

Last surviving person born in 1800s dies at age 117

Oklahoma congressman: It's 'bull crap' that constituents pay my salary

Mysterious fish kill raises concerns; neighborhood demands answers

Trump claims immunity as President in lawsuit

Susan Rice Did Nothing Wrong, Say Both Dems and Republicans


Saturday, April 15, 2017:

What restaurant inspectors found wrong in Trump’s Mar-a-Lago kitchen

With O'Reilly on vacation, Murdochs debate his future

British spies were first to spot Trump team's links with Russia

Local kids to attend White House Easter Egg Roll

YMCA’s storm-damaged chimney undergoes repairs


Tuesday, April 11, 2017:

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley resigns

Donald Trump's golf problem

The cost of Betsy DeVos’s security detail — nearly $8 million over nearly 8 months

Tencom owner awarded $50,000 grant for The Mill Workspace and business incubator

Trump's spending spree on security is crazy


Monday, April 10, 2017:

Lawmakers advance reducing penalties for gun possession

Rich Americans live up to 15 years longer than poor peers, studies find

Russia ‘actively involved’ in French election meddling, Senate Intelligence Committee chairman says


Trump Refuses to Shake Angela Merkel's Hand


Thursday, April 6, 2017:

Nixing EPA's climate-change plan will cost lives, expert says

The O’Reilly Factor Going Up In Smoke As 40+ Advertisers Have Now Abandoned The Show

Gallup: ObamaCare has majority support for first time

Trump’s budget: Say goodbye to U.S. tech pre-eminence

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel: No HS diploma without a plan for graduation


Tuesday, April 4, 2017:

Education, Not Income, Predicted Who Would Vote For Trump

It's plausible Trump incited violence, federal judge rules in OK'ing lawsuit

How my daughter died from a simple case of flu

WWI impact lives on one century later in Jackson

UPS unveils Saturday delivery -- and 6,000 new jobs


Saturday, April 1, 2017:

List of nicknames used by George W. Bush

The tricky math of 4-day school weeks

National fishing tournament reels in big money for Henry County

New details of fired officer’s arrest in Dyer County

21st Century Fox stands by Bill O'Reilly amid report of five sexual harassment settlements


Thursday, March 30, 2017:

Exxon to Trump: Don't ditch Paris climate change deal

Is Vladimir Putin Secretly the Richest Man in the World?

Donald Trump's Tweet About "Best Friend" Putin Is Most Retweeted From Final Debate

Trump tax proposal would mostly benefit New York's wealthy: report

Former FBI agent details how Trump and Russia team up to weaponize fake news


Wednesday, March 29, 2017:

Veteran newsman Ted Koppel tells Sean Hannity he’s bad for America

Former Nashville Mayor Karl Dean to run for governor of Tennessee

Nunes Had Secret White House Meeting Before Trump Monitoring Claim

White House evasive as House Intelligence Committee grinds to a halt

Bill O'Reilly apologizes for saying congresswoman had 'James Brown wig'


Monday, March 27, 2017:

Ivanka Trump’s D.C. Neighbors Say They’re Irked by Security, Parking, Garbage

Trump rallies: Campaign-funded, for a reason

Strong, Swift, Sharp: The Powerful Golden Eagle

Nunes says he was on WH grounds day before revealing Trump surveillance info

1,000+ tips lead nowhere in Tennessee teacher manhunt


Sunday, March 26, 2017:

Obion Co. Museum merges with Discovery Park of America

Five months, eight prominent Russians dead

Did Russia Just Run The World's Greatest Social Media Campaign?

Unknown event kills 33 reptiles at Tennessee zoo

Democrats introduce the 'MAR-A-LAGO Act'


Wednesday, March 22, 2017:

Paul Manafort, Former Trump Campaign Chief, Faces New Allegations in Ukraine

Sears has 'substantial doubt' that it can survive

Guns on boats, silencer bills advance while others delayed

Man charged in shooting that led to UTM lockdown

Trimble Women’s Club to host Easter egg hunt


Tuesday, March 21, 2017:

Reelfoot Lake Fishing Report for March 12, 2017

Man dies from gunshot injuries during incident on Hwy.412

Bee missing from Honey Nut Cheerios box to raise pollinator awareness

'Help us bring her home,' pleads father of 15-year-old student allegedly kidnapped by former teacher

Russian mafia boss still at large after FBI wiretap at Trump Tower


Saturday, March 18, 2017:

JCPenney Closing Union City Store

'Fearless Girl' statue in Financial District should be permanent, petitions say

White House now Denies Apologizing to British government over spying claims

Trump administration ramps up efforts to block media


Friday, March 17, 2017:

President Donald Trump holds rally in Nashville

Warm winter may take toll on wheat crops, ag experts say

Take it from an American - Britain's NHS is as good as it gets

Sources: Sean Hannity once pulled a gun on Juan Williams

White House apologizes to British government over spying claims


Monday, March 13, 2017:

Federal judges find Texas gerrymandered maps on racial lines

Gander Mountain latest sports retailer to fail

Samburg Adopting new Sign

Silencing dissent: Evangelical reverend may be fired from Southern Baptists post because of his anti-Trump stance

TDOT Announces Dynamic Message Sign Contest Winners


Thursday, March 9, 2017:

Rivers restocked after 30,000 fish killed in Tenn. wildfires

Bird flu found at commercial chicken farm in Tennessee, USDA says

'We're Going Broke': West Palm Beach Business Owners Want Trump to Spend Weekends Somewhere Else

TDEC assists Trimble in containment of minor fuel spill

Parr, Parkview intersection to become 4-way stop


Saturday, March 4, 2017:

Trump transition team canceled ethics training session

Pence used personal email for state business — and was hacked

Trump Defends Sessions Over Russia Controversy, Lashes Out at Democrats

Graceland Expansion

We won’t know what’s in the Republican health-care repeal plan until they pass it

Patrick Stewart applying for US citizenship so he can 'fight' Trump


Friday, March 3, 2017:

Powerful storms destroys mobile home and overturns RVs in Kenton

Dyer County assesses damages after severe storm

Dyer County Clerk’s office relocates, will reopen Monday

Gibson Electric reports over 4,000 members without power

U.S. attorney general faces storm over meetings with Russian ambassador


Thursday, March 2, 2017:

Bill O'Reilly says criticism over Swedish 'national security adviser' is valid

Trump: 'Nobody knew health care could be so complicated'

Clothing line LuLaRoe criticized for allegedly overcharging customers

Iowa Pol’s Bio Changed After ‘Sizzler U’ Discrepancy Emerges

Trump would explode the deficit: Our view


Sunday, February 26, 2017:

Reelfoot Lake Fishing Report: February 24, 2017

The Manchurian President

Democratic senator on GOP colleague Lindsey Graham in Trump era: He's been 'incredibly politically brave'

Spicer cracks down on White House leaks

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson stays silent as State Dept. set to resume 'regular' briefings


Saturday, February 25, 2017:

Contestant in a wheelchair is a first for Miss Australia pageant

Gabrielle Giffords to lawmakers: 'Have some courage'

Trump's national security adviser reportedly says label 'radical Islamic terrorism' not helpful

Bernie Sanders Trolls Trump on Twitter with Inauguration Crowd-Size Photo

Trump decides to skip White House press dinner


Thursday, February 23, 2017:

McCain: Dictators 'get started by suppressing free press'

Fox host Shepard Smith slams president, Trump supporters call for his head

Fox News commentator Alan Colmes of "Hannity & Colmes" dead at 66

Milo Yiannopoulos Resigns From Breitbart After Underage Sex Comments

Pope suggests it's better to be an atheist than a greedy Christian


Friday, February 17, 2017:

Janet Yellen debunks Trump's case for killing Dodd-Frank

Donald Trump's ties to Russia go back 30 years

Fox News under federal investigation over Ailes settlement payments

The Internet Has a Lot of Feelings About Monopoly Killing the Thimble

Sportsmen fight Trump energy plans alongside environmental left


Tuesday, February 14, 2017:

The rusty patched bumblebee is probably doomed

K-9 unit coming to Union City Police Department

America's top fortune cookie writer stepping down after 30 years

This may be the most brutal, honest obituary ever

House tax panel will not seek Trump tax returns, report says


Thursday, February 9, 2017:

Tennessee bill would create sales tax holiday for guns

Bill advanced Tuesday that would open doors for barbers

Republican State Lawmakers Push for Restrictions on Voting

Poisoned Putin Critic Out of Coma, Wife Says

Kellyanne Conway's plug from the White House: 'Go buy Ivanka's stuff'


Wednesday, February 8, 2017:

Texas day care's message to parents: 'Get off your phone!'

President Trump gets the facts backwards in claim about murder rates

Mother of Backpacker Slain in Australia Criticizes Trump

Brutally honest Girl Scout is country’s best seller

Donald Trump offers to 'destroy' Texas state senator's career for Rockwall sheriff


Thursday, February 2, 2017:

Peter Capaldi to leave 'Doctor Who'

Boy Scouts open membership to transgender boys

Charter Schools vs. Magnet Schools

Tesla car charging station opens in Jackson

DSCC to offer college program to local prison


Monday, January 30, 2017:

Russia parliament votes 380-3 to decriminalize domestic violence

Booted up in 1993, this server still runs -- but not for much longer

Gorbachev Urges Trump and Putin to Introduce UN Resolution Banning Nuclear War

Trump’s grammar in speeches ‘just below 6th grade level,’ study finds

Trump supporters have the worst Facebook grammar, study finds


Saturday, January 28, 2017:

How "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" got its theme song

Investigators need help solving burglaries, vandalism to Obion County Fairgrounds

Williams Sausage to open second Union City plant

Amazon has sold out of 1984

Character Actor John Hurt Dies At 77


Thursday, January 26, 2017:

Conway: Trump White House offered 'alternative facts' on crowd size

Russia set to move closer to decriminalize domestic violence

Conway: Trump will not release tax returns

Electricians sue Trump's company, saying they were stiffed on rushed D.C. hotel

Trump cabinet nominee Steven Mnuchin is also registered to vote in two states


Sunday, January 22, 2017:

Arizona City Sees Success Keeping Its Night Sky Dark

When The Brain Scrambles Names, It's Because You Love Them

White House press secretary attacks media for accurately reporting inauguration crowds

Trump admin tells National Park Service to halt tweets

2009 vs. 2017: Comparing Trump's and Obama's Inauguration Crowds


Tuesday, January 10, 2017:

Robert Reich: 15 Signs of Impending Tyranny Under President Trump

Top Russians Celebrated When Trump Won, Intel Report Says: Source

Iceberg the size of Delaware to break off from Antarctica

Trump mum on Russia blame after U.S. intelligence briefing

Trimble library first in county to receive mobile hotspots for checkout


Thursday, January 5, 2017:

Repealing Obamacare affects everyone

When they go low, we go local

Traditions and superstitions for the New Year

Norway to switch off FM radio in risky, unpopular shift to digital

Kodak Alaris Reintroduces Iconic EKTACHROME Still Film


Sunday, January 1, 2017:

Hail storm brings thousands in damage to West Tenn. vehicles

The Real Reason Why US Adaptations Of British TV Shows Rarely Succeed

10 reasons why today's TV is better than movies

A Truth Universally Acknowledged: The Brits Make Great Television

Fear and Anxiety Drive Conservatives' Political Attitudes


Friday, December 30, 2016:

IoT by Example

Giant rooster statue in China looks like Donald Trump

Goods trade deficit widens; labor market near full strength

Fox News wonders whether we should cancel food stamps because 0.09% of spending is fraudulent

Vertical Video Syndrome


Wednesday, December 28, 2016:

The Last Time We Had a President Bored by Intel Briefings, We Got 9/11

Disturbances And Chaos At Memphis Area Malls Lead To Arrests

Shelby Co. Sheriff's Office: Disguise Your Trash To Avoid Theft

PG Wodehouse secures redemption as British Library acquires priceless archive

Where to see a Total Solar Eclipse in Tennessee in 2017!


Monday, December 26, 2016:

Trump ally wishes Mad Cow disease death for Obama

How to fix a Zipper that doesn't close

Trump Adopting Same Behavior He Criticized Clinton For

Multi-social millennials more likely depressed than social(media)ly conservative peers

Reelfoot NWR to host free eagle tours in January, February


Tuesday, December 20, 2016:

Trump paid $12.5 million to his own businesses during race

Trimble appoints new aldermen, McFarland takes oath of office

The winter solstice is Wednesday: 7 things to know about the shortest day of the year

It’s a Wonderful Life is one of the best movies America has ever made about itself

Oklahoma Warns of More Quakes From Energy Drilling


Saturday, December 17, 2016:

GOP lawmakers introduce bill seeking to legalize medical pot

Law bans Davidson County drivers from leaving car unattended to warm it up

Haslam bid to require online sales tax clears 1st hurdle

Obama issues disaster declaration for East Tennessee wildfires

Trump says his supporters were 'violent'


Tuesday, December 13, 2016:

The planet is heating up faster than species can migrate

How three black women helped send John Glenn into orbit

Senate Republican leader backs investigation into Russian hacking

DCHS sophomore scores 35 on ACT Composite

Develey holds Groundbreaking Ceremony


Sunday, December 11, 2016:

George Takei: Donald Trump is 'uninformed'

Scientists say put away the rakes and let leaves fall

MS-DOS lives on after all

5 Reasons to Like the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Does Trump’s Election Disprove the Existence of God?


Thursday, December 8, 2016:

Fake News Brings Life-Threatening Consequences in National Capital

Pounds, Shillings, and Pence

Imagine a world without giraffes

Officials: Two juveniles charged for starting Sevier Co. wildfires

New Study Reveals the Real Reason Why Smart People Are Better off Alone


Sunday, November 20, 2016:

Tucson man with dementia found in Louisiana

Where Will Arkansas Medical Marijuana Businesses Be Located?

Tennova Dyersburg hosts event launching interventional cardiology program

Novartis backs off from 2016 date for testing Google autofocus lens

Entrepreneurs to Trump: Don't take away our Obamacare


Tuesday, November 15, 2016:

Trimble police investigating alleged theft of fire dept. funds

Back to school on wheels: Union City boy with rare disorder knows no limits

Open Cases: Why One-Third Of Murders In America Go Unresolved

Dozens of Wildfires Are Now Spreading Across North Carolina

Jackson National Guard heading to Chattanooga to fight fires


Wednesday, November 9, 2016:

First Walmart Academy in Tennessee opens in Paris

Local stores already seeing early Christmas shoppers

West Tenn. votes ‘yes’ on alcohol referendums

Dyer County Election Results

Man suffers fatal heart attack during Fyrne Lake 10K


Friday, November 4, 2016:

This Right-Wing Parody Site Is so Obvious that Idiots Couldn’t Fall for It — but Conservatives Do Anyway

Trimble hosts Trunk or Treat event for local ghouls and ghosts

Chimes for Charity abruptly ends operations

North Jackson’s Mulligan’s to relocate, holds groundbreaking ceremony

'Doctor Who' reanimated: See the long-lost first regeneration


Thursday, October 27, 2016:

Land transaction for Fairfield Inn now complete

Newbern receives $900,000 grant, OKs restructuring of police dept

Link found between selfie viewing, decreased self-esteem

Binge-or-Treat: Jackson among cities with lowest Halloween night Netflix pause rates

Why Your Dad's 30-Year-Old Stereo System Sounds Better Than Your New One


Friday, October 21, 2016:

America's Favorite Halloween Candy State By State

Parking boots are being replaced by this yellow monstrosity

Watts Bar becomes America's first new nuclear reactor of the 21st century

Food Rite to host bake sale, proceeds to benefit Larry Chilcutt

Courthouse dome restoration begins


Wednesday, October 19, 2016:

Half of U.S. adults are profiled in police facial recognition database

Canadians swamp Twitter with #tellamericaitsgreat compliments

Dyersburg Sears to close local outlet Oct. 31

Reelfoot refuge to celebrate 75th anniversary Saturday

TV's 'American Pickers' to film in Tennessee Nov. and Dec


Tuesday, October 18, 2016:

Trimble Fire Department to host open house for Fire Prevention Month

Hickman achieves first perfect ACT score at DHS

From the classroom to the cafeteria- DCHS teaches hydroponics in Agri-Science class

Royal Building Products announces closing

Social Security checks get measly $3.92 bump in 2017


Monday, October 10, 2016:

Only 1 in 5 millennials has ever tasted a Big Mac

27-year-old electrocuted while using cell phone

Gourd Almighty! Father Smashes Son's Giant Pumpkin Record

Eagle freed in Hurricane Matthew aftermath from car grill in Florida

Turkeys Thrown from Airplane Brews Debate in Small Arkansas Town


Sunday, October 9, 2016:

Special Donald Trump Edition

Governor Bill Haslam calling for Trump to give nomination to Pence

Donald Trump used to make light of Bill Clinton's sex scandals. Now they're his main weapon.

Obama: Trump's 'Unbelievable Rhetoric' Exposes Insecurities

Crisis of Faith: Donald Trump’s Revelations and the Hypocrisy of the Christian Right

There’s Allegedly 'Apprentice' Footage of Donald Trump Saying the N-Word


Thursday, October 6, 2016:

Burn permits required as fire season approaches


Hanlon's Razor

Trimble board OKs changes to municipal code, hears presentation on emergency preparedness

Hotel Closed After Legionnaires' Disease Outbreak Reopens


Sunday, October 2, 2016:

Accident claims the life of Trimble resident

Hazmat spill closes Bolivar post office Friday morning

Police: Clown sighting leads to lockdown at Dyersburg school

Peter Principle

Dunning-Kruger Effect


Monday, September 26, 2016:

Trimble Yard of the Month

Halloween spending predicted to break records

THP warns of possibly dangerous clown sightings

'Lurking clown' arrested in Kentucky woods

The weekend America's newspapers called Donald Trump a liar


Monday, September 19, 2016:

5 plead not guilty in federal court in military boot case

New Study Says 1 Out of Every 5 Corporate Bosses Is a Psychopath

45th Annual Reelfoot Arts and Crafts Festival quickly approaching

Gas prices up, stations running out after pipeline spill

Number of children with high blood pressure skyrockets


Thursday, September 15, 2016:

Why so many red states are turning blue

10 Percent Of Earth's Wilderness Vanished In The Last 20 Years

High factor sunscreen can decrease the risk of melanoma by 33%

Reelfoot Lake Fishing Report for September 12, 2016

Dollar General to expand, add 10,000 new jobs


Thursday, September 8, 2016:

Ohio middle schoolers treated after possibly eating ghost peppers

2016 Dyer County Fair welcomes hundreds for grand opening

ITT Tech closes all campuses, state steps in to help students

1,400 Fort Campbell soldiers to deploy to Afghanistan

5,300 Wells Fargo employees fired for creating over 2 million phony accounts


Friday, September 2, 2016:

Trimble Yard of the Month

Hub City sees share of increased tourism spending in Tennessee

ICU patients lose helpful gut bacteria within days of hospital admission

Paper still prevails over e-books, according to new study

Tennessee reacts to surprise alerts from TEMA


Sunday, August 14, 2016:

TDOT to rename Middle Tenn. highway as Interstate 840

UT Martin fuels northwest Tenn. economy, study shows

Love's Travel Stop open for business

What to Do About Population Decline in St. Louis?

Why go downtown at all?


Thursday, August 11, 2016:

6th Annual Vicki Ballard Memorial Ride begins in Trimble

Massive swarm of bees escapes in Walmart parking lot, 3 hospitalized

West Tennesseans celebrate “International Cat Day”

Reelfoot Lake Fishing Report for August 4, 2016

Visitation begins for friends, family of Doris ‘Cousin Tuny’ Freeman


Wednesday, August 3, 2016:

Trimble board OKs budget

Microsoft sued over 'coerced' Win 10 upgrades

TN Promise creates teacher shortage at community colleges

Wings over Halls Air Show is Aug. 13

Trimble board appoints Lannom as town attorney


Wednesday, July 13, 2016:

Love's Travel Center to open this month

Trimble celebrates Fourth

Hastings files Chapter 11; future of local store unknown

AAA study says not all gas is created equal

Remains of World War II soldier from Tennessee returned


Tuesday, July 5, 2016:

14 state record fish caught in 17 months

Trimble library's Summer Reading Program draws support from student athletes


Much Tennessee history happened at Nickajack Cave

Here's What's Causing the Toxic Algae Blooms Infesting Florida's Coastlines and Waterways


Wednesday, June 29, 2016:

Researchers offer new theory on how climate affects violence

Reelfoot Lake Fishing Report for June 28, 2016

Mid-South experiences an outflow boundary

Rio's Olympic Park venues 'a mess,' may even be unsafe experts warn

43 million Americans will travel during Fourth of July weekend


Sunday, June 26, 2016:

Trimble to host Independence Day celebration on July 2

Clinton gains ground over Trump in two new national polls

NASA approves five more years for Hubble Space Telescope

James Webb Space Telescope

Health officials: Don’t go swimming at some Gulf Coast beaches


Wednesday, June 22, 2016:

Friends of Reelfoot Lake host community celebration

Different Types of Twilight, Dawn, and Dusk

Report: More than a quarter of state’s children in poverty

Cupcakes for CASA set for Friday

Wait for wine in grocery stores nearly over


Saturday, June 18, 2016:

Rancher lassoes bike thief outside Oregon Walmart, cops say

Farmers Market to kick off June 18

Titan missile comes to Discovery Park

Tennessee Announces 2016-17 Teacher Of The Year Finalists

This Congresswoman Wants to Drug Test Rich People Who Receive Federal Tax Breaks


Friday, June 10, 2016:

Google Developing Panic Button To Kill Rogue AI

Trimble board discusses beer permits, makes changes to municipal codes and charter

State offers free fishing this weekend

Trimble 'Yard of the Month'

Downtown Newbern renovations ahead of schedule


Saturday, June 4, 2016:

How an industry helps Chinese students cheat their way into and through U.S. colleges

Trimble OKs Ballard beer permits, business license

Beatles tribute band takes stage in Chester County for fundraiser

Trimble kicks off Ballard's 3rd Annual Car Show today

Microsoft’s Windows 10 push comes to shove for some angry users


Monday, May 23, 2016:

Bald eagle accidently struck, killed by ambulance

Nashville mayor appoints first transgender city board member

International Space Station makes 100,000th orbit of Earth

Case of mistaken identity lands local woman in jail

Code Orange Alert Issued for Memphis Monday


Thursday, May 12, 2016:

'Winding Through the Wetlands' featured at Reelfoot

Downtown Newbern getting new look

Reelfoot Lake Fishing Report for May 11, 2016

Trimble announces 'Yard of the Month'

Shirt Sleeves to Shirt Sleeves in Three Generations


Wednesday, May 4, 2016:

Reelfoot Lake Fishing Report for May 1, 2016

Graceland receives 20 millionth paid visitor

Trimble board addresses residential complaints, upcoming car show

Canolas color countryside

Photos of goose attack on 5-year-old Texas girl go viral


Thursday, April 28, 2016:

Great American Cleanup event is Saturday, April 23

State abruptly cancels contract with TNReady creator

Shelby County Issues 17 Quarantine Orders For Measles

Credit Card Skimmers Found On Franklin Pumps

How a Sewing Machine Works


Sunday, April 17, 2016:

McFarland sworn in as Trimble mayor

Trimble board OKs $22,000 equipment purchase

Reelfoot Lake Fishing Report for April 4, 2016

Garage Geniuses: The Basement Restaurant With a 10-Year Wait List

Reelfoot Lake Fishing Report for April 16, 2016


Saturday, March 19, 2016:

Obion Co. sheriff warns public about fake traffic stops

Obion River floods homes within miles of its riverbanks

Trimble mayor resigns

Flooding hits Trimble area

Trimble Fire Dept. receives new pumper fire truck


Sunday, March 13, 2016:

Trimble Board Discusses Leash Law

Develey to bring 150 new jobs to Dyersburg

Haslam, Boyd announce Develey Mustard & Condiments Corp. to locate in Dyersburg

DCHS student becomes member of elite Mensa Honor Society

Levee breach in Kenton causes evacuations


Tuesday, March 8, 2016:

Burris shares 100 years of travel and life experience

Viral sensation "Bernie baby" suddenly dies

"Historic" vs. "Historical"

Benson the Carp Dead after being Caught 60 Times

Anglers finally off the hook as scientists settle age-old debate over whether fish feel pain


Friday, February 26, 2016:

How Kodak Discovered the Atomic Bomb

Discovery Park slide ranked best in U.S.

Pelicans seen in Northwest Tenn. starting to migrate north

Reelfoot Lake Fishing Report for Feb. 25, 2016

Police investigate school bus crash in Humboldt


Wednesday, February 10, 2016:

National Corvette Museum to open sinkhole exhibit

Camera Flash Detected Baby's Eye Cancer, Arizona Mother Says

Trimble City Hall is up and running

Health officials confirm first Zika virus case in Tennessee

Fire Sparked by Hoverboard Destroys Nashville Mansion, Authorities Say


Thursday, January 28, 2016:

Fujifilm Announces Big Worldwide Price Hike on Film

Officials point to signs of turnaround at Memphis airport

U of M Lambuth offers visit to Mayberry with ‘Andy Griffith Show’ exhibit

99-year-old woman wakes up to exotic animal on her chest

Mid-South travelers warned about Zika virus


Wednesday, January 20, 2016:

Regressive Techies (not) in Film

Caterpillar presents check to Trimble Elementary School for $6,000

State Gazette thinks I-55 runs through Trimble

McDonald's Japan to serve chocolate-covered fries

Sarah Palin's Son Track Arrested for Punching and Kicking Girlfriend, Police Say


Tuesday, January 12, 2016:

Film Was the Best-Selling Photo Product on Amazon this Holiday Season

Full Throttle Saloon not opening motel despite signage to contrary

Trimble board OKs new beer ordinance

Memphis airport shows progress in reducing airfares

Could you guarantee yourself a Powerball jackpot?


Wednesday, December 30, 2015:

Antibiotics as effective as surgery for appendicitis

12-year-old with 20 prior arrests steals 89-year-old's car

Bringing in the New Year with old traditions

New Tennessee driver licenses will be good for 8 years

Flood warning issued for Mississippi River as water levels rise


Wednesday, December 16, 2015:

Port Authority talks about prospects

Trimble Woman's Club 'Breakfast with Santa' cooks up holiday spirit

Middle class no longer dominates in the U.S.

USPS to deliver 15 billion pieces of holiday mail

Residents gather for Trimble's 'Community Christmas' event


Tuesday, December 1, 2015:

Sturgeon's Law

Students, workers rally at UTM, protest governor's privatization plan

Trimble Community Center to hold 'breakfast with Santa' event

Courthouse gets into Christmas spirit again

Halls light show now open for public viewing

Newbern Depot announces premier of 'Depot Christmas Marketplace'


Tuesday, November 17, 2015:

New tower erected in place of old Millsfield fire tower

Trimble appoints new planning commission, changes meeting time

Plane crash sends pilot to hospital, FAA investigating

Love's Travel Stop still on track for opening this spring

TWRA to conduct public meeting at Reelfoot Lake State Park


Friday, November 13, 2015:

It's Friday the 13th -- how lucky do you feel?

Armadillos a part of Tennessee's landscape

Survey- TN best state in U.S. to raise family

Sons of Confederate Veterans 'honoring heritage'

Port Authority meets at Cates Landing

Local veteran visits Trimble Elementary

Obion Co. nonprofit executive director targeted by gunman

Uptick in deer collisions in November


Thursday, November 5, 2015:

Gas pipeline modified to handle liquid petroleum flowing through Dyer County

Reelfoot Lake Fishing Report for October 31, 2015

NBC's Roker to forecast weather at Discovery Park

Ladybug beetles swarm to stay warm, but no cause for alarm

Trimble's Trunk or Treat draws hundreds


Friday, October 30, 2015:

UK TV drama budgets 'slashed by 44% in six years'

Microsoft's Windows Phone Chief Takes One Year Sabbatical to go Sailing

Crews fight blaze in downtown Dyersburg

Microsoft's advice- Hang up on tech support scammers

Ex-McDonald's suppliers plead guilty to cruelty


Thursday, October 22, 2015:

Todd Family Fun Farm a 'diamond in the rough'

Tennessee Aquarium to build $4.5M freshwater institute

Fire danger moderate for Dyer County

Police: Woman crashes into store, parks, then shops and eats inside

House fire in Newbern claims lives of family pets


Friday, October 16, 2015:

Reelfoot Lake Fishing Report for Oct. 13, 2015

Sun Products to close facility in December

Wildfire season starts in Tennessee

Local family welcomes bald eagles to neighborhood

Managing Henderson & Chester County




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